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Pictorial Look at Cumberland Forest, Sydney!



The Photographer


Don McNicol lives on the upper

North Shore of Sydney. His

house borders the Kuring-gai

National Park.



 The Cumberland Forest is a 40 hectare oasis of green in Sydney's north western suburbs.


You can enjoy walking along the specially prepared trails or wander through the nursery.


You can have a family picnic and a barbecue or relax in the boutique cafe on-site.


This forest has been especially planted with natives to the area and you can enjoy 60 years of re-growth after it was originally cleared for farming. It is the most enjoyable experience in your visit to Sydney.


Spring is always a magic time to go out and see nature at its best. The warmer weather brings forth new growth and insects are excited as well!


Flowers and insects are different from other seasons and you can often find insects, birds and animals sunning themselves in very dreamy poses.


I am sharing my vision of this lovely place with you and would enjoy your response by email if you like what you see. Just email me at





Indigofera Australis






Grevillea Strawberry Sunday



Grevillea Obtusifolia (Australian Beauty)



Grevillea Elegance



Grevillea Caloundra Gem



Grevillea Apricot Glow






Grevilea Honey Gem (Hybrid)



Golden Wattle



Fimbriata Dwarf Wattle



Grevillea Golden Fever



Diploaena Dampieri (or native rose)



grevillea deua



Brachysema Latifolium



Honey Bee at Work



Honey Bee at Work








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Good things never last unless we fix them for eternity into images that all can see. Photographs remind us what we forget! Besides, no-one will believe that I was "this close" or it was "that big" unless I can show them indubitable proof"


Don McNicol

Photographer (1949-)

More Photos of Sydney




It's Surrounds!


The following photos and more

of Sydney Harbour can be seen



Sydney Harbour Bridge at night

You can view these pictures in

larger format on the Sydney

Harbour link above


Sydney Harbour Bridge at night

The Opera house can be seen



Harbour Ballroom...A floating entertainment venue that seats

more than 300 guests whilst sailing

around Sydney Harbour.


Another Cruise Boat coming into

Cockle Bay


Cockle Bay Board Walk



City Lights at night


Fireworks light up the harbour for

one of the cruises


Sydney-siders love fireworks and

there is no better setting than

Sydney Harbour


One of the many bars that adorn

the foreshores of Cockle Bay


Opera House and

Sydney Harbour Bridge


This is the "disco ball" that was used in the 2005 new year fireworks celebration.  It is suspended from the Sydney Harbour bridge


One of the huge towers that form the ends of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  It rises more than 89 metres above sea level.


The city at night looking across the

Harbour is almost magical


Opera House at night


This is the view of the city from

a beach below Taronga Zoo


Fort Denison on Sydney Harbour


Opera House from across the Harbour


A view of the city through the trees


A view of the city & harbour


A view of the city, bridge & harbour


A view of the Bridge & harbour



The following photos and more

of Sydney can be seen



The buskers abound around Circular Quay. This aborigine is playing a didgeridoo, a traditional Australian native instrument.


Sydney is always busy and night

time is no exception. Hundreds of

cars cross the Sydney Harbour

Bridge every few minutes...even

at night time.


The Bridge stands gaunt against the

flurry of cars crossing over her.


Lunar Parks Big face looks over

Sydney Harbour and the

Harbour Bridge



The following photos and more

of Sydney's Northern Beaches

can be seen here!


One of the northern beaches of

Sydney - host to the worlds surfers


Northern Sydney Beach at sunset


Surf Breaking on a Sydney Beach


North Sydney Beach approaching



Palm Beach 180 degree view


Wind surfer on a Northern

Sydney beach


The following photos and more

of Cumberland Forest

can be seen here!


Banksia Spinulosa


Banksia Spinulosa


Flowering Pink Gum


Flowering Red Gum


Flowering Red Gum


Flowering Red Gum


Yellow Grevillea


Winter Wattle








Presiara Gum


Presiara Gum


The following photos and more

of Taronga Zoo

can be seen here!


Asian Tiger


Asian Tiger


Snow Leopard




Masai Mara Lioness


Masai Mara Lion


Horned Viper


Female Gorilla




Adult Fur Seal


Adult Fur Seal


Large Chameleon


Female Chimpanzee


Female Chimpanzee with son


Asian Tiger


Star Turtle








Rattle Snake




Green Parrot


Gang Gang Cockatoo


Mother Duck & Chicks


Mir cats


Komodo Dragon


Green Tree Frog




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Don McNicol and are "digimarc" protected. No photograph can be

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express permission of the

copyright holder.


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