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Pictorial look at the Eloura Bushland!


This stunning flower (Common Fringe Lily) was

captured in January 2005 growing right

beside the Benowie Track. Its deep blue

colour and feathered petals struck an imposing

contrast with the rough bushland around it.

Easy to see if you are looking but easy to miss

if you are not. With flowers like this, it is worth

slowing down and "smelling the daisies"!

About Wild Flowers


Nearly every flower (some hybrids are not) are native flowers from some country on earth but, special to every country, is its own national wildflowers. These become an identifying factor in each region.


If we narrowed down that thought it would be the same in most countries as well.  For instance because Australia has so many climate zones it has so many different regions that have vastly different flora.


Even in NSW this can also be so as coastal and internal regions differ in their flora.  In other words, each region is unique and preserving parcels of bush like the Eloura Bushland is very important.


Australia has some of the most unique flora in the world and is a magnet for many visitors both locally and from overseas. One of the memorable spectacular events are the natural wildflower displays in Western Australia and Central Australia. The seasons, especially spring and summer bring the flowers out throughout the country. New South Wales also has a large population of beautiful wild flowers.  a large number of these grow in the Eloura Bushland and can be seen beside the Benowie Track as you walk along it.


Spring is the best time to visit New South Wales National Parks and Reserves, to witness the new growth and floral displays.  However, you will see displays of wild flowers all year round as flowers are seasonal and some like to bloom in winter and autumn whilst others bloom in spring and summer.


Visiting the Eloura Bushland in different seasons will cause you to see different displays of colours, shapes and sizes.  Believe me, it's worth the visit.


Some of the great flowers you will see as you walk through the bushland




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A picture is the expression of an impression. If the beautiful were not in us, how would we ever recognize it?


Ernst Haas

Photographer (1921-1986)



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More photos of wild flowers



I found this photo opportunity at the bottom of a waterfall after Sydney's first rain in nearly 8 months.



Giant Candle Banksia is just one of the many Banksias in the Eloura Bushland.



Another Banksia