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Pictorial look at Sydney City!


Sydney Opera House is a beautiful sight in

the day time but at night it is spectacular!


Lighting effects make it more magical in the

nighttime and reflections from the water can

be different each time you go and look.

Superlative Sydney is Australia's oldest, boldest, most populous city. Established in 1788 at Sydney Cove by Arthur Phillip who led the First Fleet from Britain,

Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales, located on the east coast of Australia. Sydney has a metropolitan population of over 4 million people, it is the most populous city in the Australia.

Built around Port Jackson which is renowned for its beauty, the city of Sydney has been called the "Harbour City". It is Australia's largest financial centre and is also an international tourist destination, notable for its climate, beaches, and architectural landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Below are some of photos of the City of Sydney. From the old Sydney Barracks to Sydney Hospital, From Centrepoint Tower to a skyline full of modern skyscrapers, the City is full of contrast.




CentrePoint Tower is one of the most photographed landmarks in Sydney.

 Here is is seen looking through the window of Hyde Park Barracks.





Here, CentrePoint Tower stands guard of a statue of Queen Victoria. This statue of the Queen was erected in 1888. Originally it was located in the middle of Queen's Square and trams and horse traffic went all around it.



The Hyde Park Barracks, built between 1817 and 1819 by convict labor. it was the principal male convict barracks in New South Wales and provided lodgings for convicts working in government employment around Sydney until its closure in 1848.




The Front of Hyde Park Barracks





In the courtyard of Hyde Park Barracks





Looking through the guards "peephole" into one of the convict cells. You can just make out the rope hammocks.





One of the convict cells. these are the rope hammocks convicts slept on.





Looking out over the city, this would have certainly been a prime view for convicts!





Sydney Mint, front entrance. The Mint was constructed between 18111816 as the southern wing of the Sydney Hospital. In 1854 a branch of the Royal Mint  the first outside England  was established on the site as a result of the discovery of gold in New South Wales. The former hospital wing was converted to offices for Mint staff and as a residence for the Deputy Mint Master.





At the rear of the building the coining factory was constructed, using locally quarried sandstone and prefabricated cast iron columns, girders and roofing components imported from England. Many of these unique buildings survive on the site today.





This is the old coining factory at the rear of the Mint property





One of the sandstone arches standing majestic - constructed in 1811





One of the magnificent staircases to adorn the Mint building





The original Sydney Hospital, which consisted of three wings, was later demolished for the present Sydney Hospital (1890).  Above is the centre building of the three wing complex originally housing 200 patients. The two wings to the north (now Parliament House) and south (now The Mint) were to house the medical officers; the principal surgeon in the north wing and his two assistants in the south. Each building had a separate kitchen at the rear and stables and coach-house were also provided so that the surgeons could cover their extensive practice quickly by horse and carriage.





The Il Porcellino bronze boar sculpture

(Sydney Hospital forecourt)


Few people fail to notice him! People from all over the world have solemnly stood in Macquarie Street, Sydney and rubbed his nose, made a wish, dropped a coin in his basket and had a photograph taken standing near him. In fact, he would be the most photographed object in Macquarie Street. His name is Il Porcellino. He is not a pig; he is a wild boar.  The original Il Porcellino statue is estimated to be over 500 years old, and was unearthed in Rome after having stood for over 100 years in the Uffizi Galleries in Florence. The Sydney Hospital and Sydney Eye Hospital Il Porcellino, which is a copy of  the original, was presented to the hospital in l968 by the Marchessa Clarissa Torrigiani in memory of her father and brother – Dr Thomas Fiaschi who died in 1928 and Dr Piero Fiaschi who died in 1948. Both had been renowned surgeons at the hospital





The rear buildings/facade of Sydney Hospital





The rear buildings/facade of Sydney Hospital





St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney


The foundation stone of the first St Mary's Chapel was laid by Governor Lachlan Macquarie in 1921.  Situated next to the convict barracks (Hyde Park Barracks), it will become the central place of worship for the early Catholic citizens of Sydney. In 1865, the Cathedral was burned down and work on a new Cathedral commenced in 1868. The Cathedral wasn't actually completed until 2000 when the Spires, designed by Wardell, are built.





Sydney GPO Clock Tower


Erected in 1878 to replace the original digital clock, this is the familiar three-faced clock that we see today if we walk down Martin Place.





Sydney GPO Clock Tower





Modern Fountain on Martin Place, Sydney





"In the Domain", looking across at St Mary's Cathedral.





"In the Domain", looking across at Sydney Sky Scrapers.





"The Art Gallery of NSW I"


The Art Gallery of New South Wales is the leading museum of art in New South Wales and Sydney, and one of Australia's foremost cultural institutions. It holds significant collections of Australian, European and Asian art, and presents nearly forty exhibitions annually.





"The Art Gallery of NSW II"


The Art Gallery has three mission goals:


To acquire, collect and present to the public the finest works of art available,

with special emphasis on the artistic traditions of Australia.


To explore and inspire through our collection and exhibitions, the

emotional and intellectual resources of our audiences.


To create a sense of belonging and provide our visitors

with an enjoyable and enduring experience.






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David Bailey

Master English photographer, 1938+

    More Photos of Sydney Harbour

More Photos of Sydney



The following photos and more

of Sydney Harbour can be seen



Sydney Harbour Bridge at night

You can view these pictures in

larger format on the Sydney

Harbour link above


Sydney Harbour Bridge at night

The Opera house can be seen



Harbour Ballroom...A floating entertainment venue that seats

more than 300 guests whilst sailing

around Sydney Harbour.


Another Cruise Boat coming into

Cockle Bay


Cockle Bay Board Walk



City Lights at night


Fireworks light up the harbour for

one of the cruises


Sydney-siders love fireworks and

there is no better setting than

Sydney Harbour


One of the many bars that adorn

the foreshores of Cockle Bay


Opera House and

Sydney Harbour Bridge


This is the "disco ball" that was used in the 2005 new year fireworks celebration.  It is suspended from the Sydney Harbour bridge


One of the huge towers that form the ends of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  It rises more than 89 metres above sea level.


The city at night looking across the

Harbour is almost magical


Opera House at night


This is the view of the city from

a beach below Taronga Zoo


Fort Denison on Sydney Harbour


Opera House from across the Harbour


A view of the city through the trees


A view of the city & harbour


A view of the city, bridge & harbour


A view of the Bridge & harbour



The following photos and more

of Sydney can be seen



The buskers abound around Circular Quay. This aborigine is playing a didgeridoo, a traditional Australian native instrument.


Sydney is always busy and night

time is no exception. Hundreds of

cars cross the Sydney Harbour

Bridge every few minutes...even

at night time.


The Bridge stands gaunt against the

flurry of cars crossing over her.


Lunar Parks Big face looks over

Sydney Harbour and the

Harbour Bridge



The following photos and more

of Sydney's Northern Beaches

can be seen here!


One of the northern beaches of

Sydney - host to the worlds surfers


Northern Sydney Beach at sunset


Surf Breaking on a Sydney Beach


North Sydney Beach approaching



Palm Beach 180 degree view


Wind surfer on a Northern

Sydney beach


The following photos and more

of Cumberland Forest

can be seen here!


Banksia Spinulosa


Banksia Spinulosa


Flowering Pink Gum


Flowering Red Gum


Flowering Red Gum


Flowering Red Gum


Yellow Grevillea


Winter Wattle








Presiara Gum


Presiara Gum


The following photos and more

of Taronga Zoo

can be seen here!


Asian Tiger


Asian Tiger


Snow Leopard




Masai Mara Lioness


Masai Mara Lion


Horned Viper


Female Gorilla




Adult Fur Seal


Adult Fur Seal


Large Chameleon


Female Chimpanzee


Female Chimpanzee with son


Asian Tiger


Star Turtle








Rattle Snake




Green Parrot


Gang Gang Cockatoo


Mother Duck & Chicks


Mir cats


Komodo Dragon


Green Tree Frog






Frilled Neck Lizard


Fierce Snake


Brown Tree Frog


Australian Sea Eagle


Asian Bear


Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo


Wedge Tailed Eagle


Water Hen



The following photos and more

of Sydney's Butterflies

can be seen here!


Nacaduba berenice


Psychonotis caelius (Danis taygetus)


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